Zombie Splat – a playable game

Code for this tutorial is on this git branch:

git clone -b zombies https://dglencross@bitbucket.org/dglencross/zombiegametutorial.git

Have a look here for help setting it up

Zombie Splat

For the first time, the code for this tutorial features the outline of an actual playable game. Its working title is Zombie Splat, due to lack of imagination on my part. Here’s a little sample of it:

What I’ve added since the last tutorial:

  • Zombies who attack when you get close enough to them
  • The ability to shoot the zombies by tapping on them (or clicking, as in the above video)
  • A bit of text to display how many zombies are remaining to shoot
  • A ‘You win/You lose’ message depending on the outcome of the game

These are the key features that we’ve added in this tutorial series so far:

Feel free to download the code for the above video, and in the next few posts I’ll go into some depth explaining the code that has been added to enable these new features.

If you like these tutorials, or want to see a game that was written in much the same way, please download Dinowar from the Google Play Store. It costs nothing and is ad-free.

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