Moving a character around the map

Code for this tutorial is on this git branch:

git clone -b First_signs_of_movement

Have a look here for help setting it up

Up until now we have generated a random map, and got a camera pointing at it. Now, we move to something more interesting – moving a character around a map.


This tutorial is the second time we will download a pre-existing project that I have added to git. It’s the same project that you checked out earlier (assuming you’ve followed along this tutorial), but a different branch.

With this code, you will be able to do the following:

  • Place a character on our map
  • Click somewhere else on the map and have the character travel towards where you clicked
  • Track the character’s movement with the camera

git clone -b First_signs_of_movement

Check out the branch with the command above. We’re not going to go over every code change, but we’ll look at the core stuff.

The flow of logic

  • GameController creates a player character
  • PlayerInputSystem detects a TouchDown event (a click on a computer, a touch on a touchscreen). Determine what coordinate on the screen was touched. Tells the player to treat this coordinate as its destination
  • GameController update() method is called, in turn calls the update() method of PlayerCharacter
  • PlayerCharacter compares its current position, its destination, and updates its orientation and position
  • GameScreenRenderer draws the map (as it was doing before) and draws the player
  • Repeat!

Getting graphics


I’ve provided an image to use for our character, but I didn’t create it. I took it from here:

So all credit for the image goes to ‘rileygombart’, who has made his/her graphics available. These kind of websites are a great source of graphics if you are artistically challenged (as we are – graphics for Dinowar were done by a friend).

I’ve added this graphic to the project and called it ‘man’.

Remember the tutorial on Texture Packing? Well, we will need to rebuild out atlases to include this. Then later we just ask for ‘man’ from the TextureAtlas. If you’re running the project as it is, this should happen automatically when you run the code.


Hopefully you are seeing something like this when you run the code! If not, do get in touch.

Try clicking around to see how the player sprite behaves. Next up, we’ll go into more detail about the new code.


If you like these tutorials, or want to see a game that was written in much the same way, please download Dinowar from the Google Play Store. It costs nothing and is ad-free.

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