Welcome to our new Libgdx Tutorials

Approximately a year ago, we (Dave and George) were big fans of an Android game called Archipelago. This was a simple game in which a player controls islands, and sends planes from island to island to capture more. The player had to fight against 2-4 AI players, with the objective being to control the map.

The two of us decided that this game could be improved upon, and as we both come from a technical background and both enjoy programming, we would have a stab at it.

We settled on Libgdx as the right framework for our needs, and set about creating the game. The main reasons it took so long were (in no particular order) our inability to focus on one project at a time, our jobs, and our struggles to make the game actually look nice.

But we have finally (a couple of months ago now) released Dinowar for Android, written with Libgdx:


We’ve now decided to write some Libgdx tutorials in order to help others who might be interested in writing a similar game. Throughout this tutorial series, we will write a game which features a lot of the same gameplay as Dinowar, while trying to avoid adding unnecessary complexity. Some of the features of this series will be topics that we had to research and implement during our time developing Dinowar:

  • Random map generation
  • Efficient path-finding
  • Creating in-game tutorials
  • Rendering fonts
  • Creating and using atlases for graphics
  • Using Overlays for GUIs
  • Adding achievements and leaderboards
  • Developing AI which is engaging to play against

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