Creating a 2-D Zombie shooter

The game that we are going to create in this tutorial is a top-down, 2-D shooter. Like Dinowar, it will feature randomly generated maps. The idea is for the player to spawn at a random point on the map, and have to make their way to another point on the map.

In the way of the player will be a number of zombies. When the player gets within a certain range of a zombie, that zombie will run at the player. We can choose to have the zombies run only in a straight line, or we can choose to have them run around things in the way (e.g. water).

The player character will always be central in the screen, and the camera will follow them. When the user touches somewhere on the screen, the player character will walk to that spot.

When zombies run at the player, the user can touch a zombie to fire a bullet at it. If the bullet hits, the zombie dies. If the zombie touches the player, the player loses health.

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 18.21.20

Sounds simple? Then move on to the next post to get started.

If you like these tutorials, or want to see a game that was written in much the same way, please download Dinowar from the Google Play Store. It costs nothing and is ad-free.

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