Welcome to our Libgdx tutorials!

This tutorial series is ongoing. Check out this demo video for the current state of the game we’re learning to create:

We suggest you start with this post http://tutorials.boondog.xyz/2016/07/09/welcome-to-our-new-libgdx-tutorials/

Or jump ahead to a topic that interests you:

Generating Random Maps

Moving a Character Around the Map

Pathfinding with Jump Point Search

Making the Camera Follow the Player (intelligently)

Zombie Splat – a playable game

Zombies Who Attack

Shooting Zombies

Alternatively, choose a topic from the sidebar. The tutorial series is still being written, so more topics will appear over time.

We’ve created a promo video for Dinowar! Check it out (best in HD and with sound). Note – we’ve changed the colours since then.